What's Yum Cha

Yum Cha is a style of Chinese cuisine. It is prepared as small bite-sized portions of food served in steamer baskets or a small plate. Yum Cha is generally considered Cantonese, although other varieties exist.

Yum Cha dishes are usually served with tea and together form a full tea brunch. Due to the Cantonese tradition of enjoying tea with this cuisine, yum cha which means “drink tea” in Cantonese, is also synonymous with Dim Sum. So ”Yum Cha” you can simply as a Cantonese Teahouses, plus trolley with dim sum served around the restaurant.


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1) YUM CHA: ALL YOU CAN EAT $49.9/PP; KIDS $19.9/PP.
**Call 0733438883 for reservation.

2) 20% Off for Take Away Orders; Promo code: YUMCHA20.


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